Wild Horses

I think I was born loving horses. As a child I rode a little wooden horse that my dad made me, racing around the house while wearing my cowboy hat and fringed jacket. As a teen-ager, I pestered my mom for riding lessons until she finally gave the okay. Later in life, when I had children of my own, we were lucky to have our very own horse, a beautiful little Arabian named Staccato.

In recent years, I learned about the sanctuaries that exist to take in horses that no longer have a home (for many different reasons) and also the wild horses that are taken from their homes in round-ups. The people who run the sanctuaries are the first to say it is hard work and sometimes round-the-clock, but the rewards are tremendous. If you are interested in learning more about them, here are some websites to visit:

Rosemary Farm

Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary

Sand Wash Basin, The Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary

Return to Freedom

Salt River Wild Horses

Pine Nut Wild Horse Advocates

I hope you enjoy my pictures, taken on our trips when we’ve gone in search of wild horses!