Christmas Wish book coverThe Christmas Wish

Bonnie and Charlie married after a whirlwind affair, but it all ended when Bonnie left with no explanation. Now she's back and Charlie wants answers, about what happened to them and why she left, but especially about the three children she has in tow. Can they all really make it home for Christmas?

As an empty nester, Caroline is feeling lonely this Christmas. When she meets the new veterinarian in town, Joshua Kendall, and his two children, she’s more than happy to invite them to her library for a holiday program.  Joshua’s children seem to have little interest in celebrating, but Caroline is determined to put smiles on their little faces, and to make Joshua find joy in life again.

Brant and Hope found love the second time around, but now their farm is struggling and it’s taking a toll on their relationship.  Hope’s daughter has asked for one thing for Christmas, but Brant is certain it’s something they can’t afford. There is a new baby on the way, and he’s worried about more than just the farm. Will they find a way to rekindle their love and still make the Christmas wish come true?

Certain to get you in the Christmas spirit, here are three heartwarming stories about love and family and finding joy in the Season.

Book cover for Autumn's GoldAutumn's Gold

Four romance stories that take place in the golden season known as autumn. In Patchwork Autumn, Marty Cutter finds herself drawn to Dr. Patrick Brady, the new man in town, but who is the lady he is hoping will move to Montana? In October Spell, Jilly MacPherson still lives in the shadow of her great aunt's reputation. As Halloween approaches, will it keep Adam Spencer at arm's length? Bus Ride to Love finds Ellen Curtis taking the long way home, only to meet Douglas Maddock, a man who may make her think about changing her life. Lauren Patterson finds that her grandfather's Legacy of Love may lead to a building a new legacy with Matthew Brenner.

Book cover for Sky of MagicSky of Magic

These are four short romance stories about married couples finding love again after an estrangement, a young teacher falling in love with a little boy and his single dad, and a man returning to the ranch where the woman he once loved still lives. In all of them, love wins out when the men and women realize what is  truly important in their lives.

Taking Risks book cover Taking Risks

Falling in love is always a risk, and sometimes there is more than your heart at stake. In these four short stories, can loving be a risk worth taking? Christy has hidden behind a mask for a long time, but a chance at love may make her decide to stop hiding. Cady has known Jake forever, but suddenly the relationship takes a new turn because of a wild horse. Olivia travels to an island to decide if she wants to marry the steady, reliable man back home only to meet with a man who is everything she never thought she wanted. Summer becomes a trip into the past when Joanna's old flame comes back into town and she finds the fire still burns brightly.

An Uncommon Prince & Other Short StorieUncommon Prince Book Covers

A ranch in Montana, a beach in northern Michigan, a farm in Indiana, In this collection of short romance stories, love is found in unexpected places. Each hero is an unlikely or uncommon prince, from Chris Carter, an ex-cop who travels the country on a motorcycle to Jonas Knight, a fearless wildfire fighter. The women are all heroines in their own right, starting their lives over after some tragic incident has left them alone to carry on. When they meet, their lives are changed when love promises to heal and gives them new hope.

Chance's Return

Chances Return Book CoverWhen prodigal sonChance McCord returns home to the North Star ranch, he faces a tragic past and a family divided, but he also discovers a love strong enough to put the pain and heartache to rest. When young widow Casey Girard decides to spend the summer working on the North Star near the Grand Tetons of Wyoming, she doesn't expect to find such a man as Chance, nor to fall so completely in love with him. They both must learn to trust in each other and to have the faith that life can be good for both of them again. It is Casey's faith and love that truly brings Chance home.

Awards & Reviews

Chance's Return won the Romance Studio's 2006 CAPA (Cupid and Psyche Award) in the inspirational romance category!

I could not put this book down. The characters seem to reach out and pull you into the story with them. I was raised in Wyoming as a child. The descriptions were so vivid it was like going home again and breathing the fresh mountain air. Chances Return will tug at your heartstrings. Emotions run high in this Chances Return.
--Debra Gaynor, Book Reviews by Debra

In the opening scene of Chance's Return, you can almost taste the rain, hovering in the Tetons, just waiting to explode in the fresh mountain air. And when Casey offers the drifter a ride home, the smell of the leather saddle sits heavy between them... If you love bigger than life masculine heroes with hearts damaged by the hardships of life, and strong, but gentle, heroines out to save, not only their own worlds, but those of the people they love, you'll be pleased to meet Chance and Casey as they rediscover their faith and each other. You won't be able to stop smiling when the cowboy finds he's lassoed a feistier city slicker than he expected.
--Lily, Long and Short Reviews

Chance's Return is one of the best books I've read in a long time, and I'm hard to please. I almost never read contemporary stories, but this one is a bit like being in the "old west" even though it's set in the present. The characters are wonderful and so realistic, and I love the way Lucy describes western scenery. Chance's Return is a great story and Lucy is an excellent writer. I look forward to her future books!
--Roseanne Bitner, romance author

I truly enjoyed this book; it was a winner which followed the lives of Casey and Chance without becoming boring. There are a lot of historical facts available concerning the State of Wyoming. This book is not historical; it is just an old fashioned Western inspirational romance. There is plenty of romance, just understated. This book by Ms.Kubash is a must-read for all. There is something that a reader of any genre could enjoy. I highly recommend you read this success!
--Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio

With Chance's Return, Lucy Naylor Kubash has written a heart-touching, inspirational love story. Two people have both been hurt, each in their own way. They have to learn to trust others and life again, to be happy and to enjoy life. They can't do this alone, but with each other's help. I have enjoyed reading this book, it's a beautiful story and I'm sure you will enjoy it yourself!
--Annick, Euro-Reviews

Lucy Naylor Kubash has written a sweet and sincere novel of finding love for a second time. Her characters are genuine and the plot is very realistic. Beautiful and rich writing creates the feeling of truly being in the amazing wilderness of Wyoming. There is a profound spiritual emphasis to the book, which gives it a peaceful quality. It was a joy to read.
--Bonnie-Lass, Coffee Time Romance

Chance's Return is a gratifying and heartwarming story of romance found in the midst of grief, family rivalries, anger, and hatred. All the characters are well-developed, especially Casey and son Jamie, and the McCords, Chance, Justin, and Kyle, as well as Casey's Aunt Jamie and her late husband Sam. Although the plot isn't at breakneck pace, the reader relaxes into the story and watches emotions develop and breaks heal. Lucy Naylor Kubash weaves the inspirational theme into the story tightly but subtly.
--Frost, Two Lips Reviews

Lucy Naylor Kubash has written a beautiful, touching, inspirational love story, that was a delight to read! I shall be really looking forward to more books by Lucy in the future. I award this five red roses.
--M.P., Red Roses for Authors